How to stay concentrated at work.

How to stay concentrated at work.

Sitting at your desk. Working away. Next thing you know you get distracted by a video of a silly cat. It happens to everyone so don’t worry. Here’s a few tips on how to stay concentrated at work!

Take your full break.

If you’re given an hour long break take full advantage of it. Get it out of your head that if you cut short your break by fifteen minutes you’ll be able to leave fifteen minutes early because that rarely happens. Use your break wisely too! Check your social media accounts, personal emails and have a chat, that way you’ll be less tempted to do these things while you’re working.

Have some water at the ready.

It’s becoming a common theme in our blogs! Water is essential for keeping you alert so have some nearby as much as you can. Taking a sip of water is something we like to call a “micro distraction”. These are tiny distractions that won’t cause you to loose concentration but will give you ten to fifteen seconds of doing something other than working.

Put “make a to-do list” on your to-do list.

To-do lists are important for really organising your day. How many minutes are wasted figuring out what you have to do in the morning? Far too many! Create a week long to-do list so that when you come in to work in the morning you can get straight into completing tasks. Try not overstep the times allotted to each task as this can lead to completely removing a task from the to-do list.

Have a neat and organised work space.

Clean as you go! Try not have a build up of mugs and discarded wrappers lying around, that’s a one way ticket to a negative mindset. Cleaning as you go is another micro distraction. Take a five minute break to stop what you’re doing and remove any clutter on your desk. If you’re a person who just can’t seem to shake the clutter. Make that clutter YOUR clutter. Have photos of your family and loved ones and a few nice decorations to make your desk a bit more unique.

Eat a good breakfast.

Our final tip on how to stay concentrated at work is to simply eat a good breakfast. We reiterate the word good in that sentence. Far too many people pick up one or two pieces of fruit and think that’ll be them sorted until lunch. Try something a bit more filling alongside that fruit. Porridge, healthy cereals or even bring that fruit to the next level by dressing it up in some yoghurt. Studies show that eating a good breakfast can improve attention and concentration, so why not give it a try?

When people ask us how to stay concentrated at work these are the tips we usually give. Give them a try, if one doesn’t work for you don’t give up on the rest of these tips! As always if you have anymore helpful ideas you can share them with our readers in the comments!

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