Alternative remedy relief of pain in athletes

Alternative remedy relief of pain in athletes

Pain is so often a part of any athletes life.  To be able to help them with relief is a huge part of the success of the mojo wristbands.  You ingest nothing by wearing a mojo….a mojo allows your body to heal itself and therefore to work to its optimum.

“I have had a career in international sports for 40 years…

So, when I became disabled six years ago my athletic activities were, to say the least, curtailed. When I was introduced to the MOJO band I was sceptical (as I am with many things). How wrong I was! I now have better balance. I feel generally better, and – while the pain remains – I feel more ‘centred’ and able to deal with my leg problem in a much more positive way. My MOJO has not just helped physically, more importantly it has helped my confidence, and to continue to push myself to get close to the performances I used to be capable of. I returned only last week from a skiing trip and felt better than I have done for six years. I can only put this down to my MOJO band. Although I can never return to what I was capable six years ago, I do sincerely believe my MOJO has returned… perhaps not fully… but you cannot have your MOJO BAND BACK! It is mine for life.”

Stuart Matthews, former BBC Superstars winner, former national surfing coach and international sprinter

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