Healthy tips for working in an office

Healthy tips for working in an office

Walk as much as possible

Get off the bus stop one step earlier, park further away, walk somewhere to eat lunch,  take the stairs, just find any excuse to be more active throughout the day. It’ll make a difference to those long, sluggish days in the office.

Stretch at your desk

It can’t be avoided that office work can have you sitting at your desk for long periods of time. Stretching regularly can prevent the body form becoming stiff and aching.

Keep healthy snacks around

Hopefully, boredom in the office isn’t recurring, but it’s inevitable at some points through the week. Boredom often leads to the vending machine, so keep some fruits and nuts for a healthy, fulfilling snack.

Get up at least once an hour.

Although it’s good to keep active as was mentioned above, it’s also good to move away from your desk every once in a while to stop your mind from becoming dull. Move to talk to a co-worker, go print something off, but don’t smoke!

Stay hydrated

As always, keep drinking water. It keeps you alert and more focused.

Try using an exercise ball instead of a chair for a while.

Might seem a bit extreme, but maybe have a few around the office if possible. Keeps you thinking about your posture, and helps you get a quick workout throughout the day.

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