Healthy snack alternatives

Healthy snack alternatives

Snacking as a term is usually looked at as a bad thing, but if you’re watching what you eat there’s still plenty of room for light, healthy snacks between meals. In fact, it could be helpful in warding off cravings for junk food, and keeping you in control of your eating when it comes to the big meals of the day.

Dips and sauces – hummus and avocado

Whether it’s smeared on a wholegrain pitta, or with some veggies for dipping, these are a healthier stand in but without losing any of the deep flavours found in more common dips.

Sweets and crisps – fruits and nuts

Always watch the portions, as calories still abide in these groups, but the sweet taste of fruit, and the crunchy nourishment of nuts will keep cravings at bay. Easy for quick filling up.

Milk and cream  – greek yogurt and almond milk

Many people have accustomed taste of breakfast and desert treats that seem impossible to maintain without dairy. Using these two as alternatives, you can recreate many of your favourite tastes with so much less of the negatives.

Chocolate – dark chocolate

There’s no way around chocolate without getting some chocolate. It’s the ultimate in indulgent treats.

Extra tip! Water

Don’t laugh! Often when you’re feeling hungry, you are actually dehydrated. Stay hydrated throughout the day and you will definitely notice the difference in your hunger cravings.

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