Alternative remedy that has helped a parkinson sufferer

Alternative remedy that has helped a parkinson sufferer

This testimonial needs to be shared with others who might get the same level of relief from the mojo – you ingest nothing.  It deflects the harmful rws and emf from us and that in turn allows the body to heal itself.  Not magic or a miracle just can / might bring joy to parkinson sufferers.

I was diagnosed with parkinsons two years ago…

It has effected the right side of body hugely and has been getting gradually worse. I’ve been unable to put my socks on in the morning as I cannot bend my knee, the pain in my knee and right hip has been almost constant and I have a tremor in my right arm and leg and my right wrist and fingers have been getting stiffer by the day and are gradually feeling as though they don’t belong to me. I have been taking pain killers constantly just to get through the day and to be honest every day was a bit of a struggle. 72 hours with a MOJO on my wrist and I can’t believe how different life is. The pain in my knees and my hip is now non existent, my wrist, hand and fingers feel like they belong to me again and I haven’t taken one single pain killer since putting the band on. I cannot begin to tell you how it feels to just be able to hold a knife and fork without any pain. I can cross my legs where as I could hardly bend them before and putting my socks on is now just an everyday thing rather than a major painful task.

How it works? I don’t know. Does it work? In my case I have to say undoubtedly, yes. I simply cant believe the difference. To anybody reading this that’s sceptical, you really should try it, if it changes your life for the better by 1% its got to be worth it. For me, if it improved my pain and mobility one iota it would have been worth it, but the outcome is just incredible and I actually feel like I’ve got my life back.Thanks again for all your help and advice, I really cant put into words what a massive difference it has made to my life and its only been 3 days.

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