Activities for kids who aren’t into team sports

Activities for kids who aren’t into team sports


It may look aggressive and dangerous to some, but it’s really about balance, skill, and athleticism. With skate-parks ever more common these days, there’s plenty of safe environments for kids to practice, and it’s also a great way of getting around!


If you can handle the noise, drumming is a great energetic outlet for kids. It’s a creative hobby that uses your entire body in a very physical way, helping with speed, reflexes, and significant control over one’s limbs. Just make sure they use ear plugs!

Martial arts

Don’t think you’re teaching them to fight, if anything, those with training get in less fights because they are more mature in how they approach aggression. It also helps in personal discipline, an athletic mentality, and can be a great help in installing confidence.


It may not be the most physical of sports, but it’s a simple and fun way of getting kids out for a long day outside. It’s also a great way of socialising as they get older.

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