For the past decade, MOJO wristbands have been the product choice for athletes and equestrians searching for a performance edge, as well as ordinary people looking to enhance their health and well-being.

Those who express an interest in the products are often surprised to hear that MOJO products do not contain magnets and rather interact with the body’s bio-electrical field to potentially promote a more harmonious internal environment.

It was a significant back injury and the life-changing resultant pain, that garnered the interest of one of MOJO’s directors towards the technology at the heart of our products.

At the time a professional athlete, he had tried a multitude of products and techniques to improve his movement, flexibility, sleep quality and pain relief.

The MOJO technology had such a profound effect, the result was the investment into and development of the MOJO brand across Ireland.
MOJO has flourished since its inception with many exciting new products, styles and colours being released regularly, however, the core message remains the same.

That of a truly enthusiastic company, run by passionate individuals looking to share their own life-changing experiences with like-minded people.
In this anniversary year, MOJO continues to thrive on a tide of glowing testimonials and positive results, from people of all age groups and walks of life.

We invite you to take a moment and peruse both the website and our social media for a glimpse into our customer’s experiences with the products. It’s also fantastic to see so many professional and high-level athletes directly endorsing MOJO products.

Again a full list is available on the website. Mojo is going from strength to strength.

In a time where many unsubstantiated claims are made by unscrupulous companies, whose primary goal is making a quick buck, MOJO deemed it as imperative that transparency and pertinent research-based information stand alongside the testimonials and reviews when promoting the range of products.
From this ethical standpoint, MOJO invested in a study by Dr Mark Ball PhD. The study, of which you will find a copy within the Discover section of our website, makes for a fascinating read and takes a very positive step, firstly to present an evidence-based validation of our products and secondly to begin the journey of future research studies to eventually enable further science-based validation.

Within the Discover section, you will also find further information, within additional research papers, that will assist in explaining the concept of MOJO and help you understand the effects the products may have, as well as peer-reviewed papers indicating the dangers of elements of our technological world, which MOJO may help to mitigate. Mojo Ireland does not claim that any of the products offered are intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose illness. If you believe you have a health problem, you should consult a doctor or health professional.

I went to show it to my friend, my friend was going to Ireland that day. She has Parkinson’s so i said to her I think you need this Mojo to help you with your trip, as she was not steady on her feet at the best of times. Well I didn’t get it back as she wouldn’t take it off! She was over the moon with it, she says she feels a lot steadier on her feet, and better in herself, so I bought another one. I have Arthritis in my knees and back, and found it hard to go up and down stairs, with every step I took pain would shoot through my knees, Well I have not changed my diet at all, but I bought a Mojo, and the pain in my knees and back has 99% gone I don’t have any more trouble going up or down stairs now, thanks to my Mojo, I have now purchased another two, another one for me, and one for my other friend.

Barbara Maynard

After what I have experienced with the band today I am totally interested. When (not if) Sarah gets positive results with her horse, she will want to be able to sell directly to her clients as well. For what it is worth my understanding of the holographic technology is as follows. Our bio-electrical (vibrational) field is patterns of light/energy. Our thoughts, emotional states conscious and unconscious are all patterns within this field. Our manifest existence is a continual flow of energy from the quantum level (enlightened) of ourselves to solid reality and back again. However this optimal free flow of information, ideas, awareness (essentially, the manifest reality that is our life) is blocked by dissonant patterns (fear, aggression, confusion) both conscious and unconscious. Hence we are unhappy, and suffer. The Mojo creates a static benign pattern in our field that allows a much improved flow to take place from the quantum level to the physical and back again. As such, you could accurately describe it as a 3D portal. Forgive me for sounding so confident, but I do believe that this will prove to be a reasonably accurate model of understanding of what is actually happening. Great to meet you – and again, I am totally interested in selling such a cool breakthrough.


It has effected the right side of body hugely and has been getting gradually worse. I’ve been unable to put my socks on in the morning as I cannot bend my knee, the pain in my knee and right hip has been almost constant and I have a tremor in my right arm and leg and my right wrist and fingers have been getting stiffer by the day and are gradually feeling as though they don’t belong to me. I have been taking pain killers constantly just to get through the day and to be honest every day was a bit of a struggle. 72 hours with a MOJO on my wrist and I can’t believe how different life is. The pain in my knees and my hip is now non existent, my wrist, hand and fingers feel like they belong to me again and I haven’t taken one single pain killer since putting the band on. I cannot begin to tell you how it feels to just be able to hold a knife and fork without any pain. I can cross my legs where as I could hardly bend them before and putting my socks on is now just an everyday thing rather than a major painful task.

How it works? I don’t know. Does it work? In my case I have to say undoubtedly, yes. I simply cant believe the difference. To anybody reading this that’s sceptical, you really should try it, if it changes your life for the better by 1% its got to be worth it. For me, if it improved my pain and mobility one iota it would have been worth it, but the outcome is just incredible and I actually feel like I’ve got my life back.Thanks again for all your help and advice, I really cant put into words what a massive difference it has made to my life and its only been 3 days.

Andrew Smith