The relief that the alternative remedy of a MOJO can give to a stroke victim

Below is a testimonial from a daughter, who watched for herself as her father got relief from many of his symptoms, following a stroke.  A MOJO does not promise anything but it is designed to allow the body to repair itself, and therefore function to its optimum.  Pain and discomfort are hugely de-habilitating, and so relief , without ingesting anything at all, is hugely beneficial.

“I have given a MOJO to my father who had a stroke a year ago and is now bed ridden and cannot move. 10 Days after wearing the Mojo, the nurses (who did not know he had the Mojo on) commented on how relaxed my Dad had become.   This made him much easier to move. My mother also commented that Dad had started, on the odd occasion, to move his legs by straightening them out himself;  this is something that had caused him great pain. My mother stole the Mojo for a day as she has had a constant pain in her thumb, and after wearing it she found the pain had disappeared, after years of suffering;  and if she took it off, the pain came back.  I now need another Mojo for my Dad as Mom will not take it off!