Rheumatism and Arthritis in a dog

A beloved family dog (12 years old) was diagnosed by his vet as having arthritis and rheumatism.  He seemed to be in pain and was listless and uninterested in life.  He was no longer the dog he had always been.  He appeared to have lost his interest in life.  He was unable to go upstairs any more and was no longer playing and running with his friends so he was prescribed a pain relieving drug to help him be more comfortable in his last few years.  The drugs were and have never been used.  His owner thinks ‘outside the box’ and ordered a MOJO with a velcro patch for his collar.  24 hours after attaching it, the old dog was going upstairs and over the next 4 days he improved so that he was out running and playing with his friends again.  With a MOJO you ingest nothing.  A dog has no idea that he has one on his collar and so no placebo affect there.  The joy of a MOJO is that it gives you the ability, whether you are a human or animal to perform at your optimum and therefore live life to the best that your body can let you.