5 key tips to get a good night sleep

The quantity of your sleep does matter, but what is actually more important is the quality of your sleep. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 key tips to get a good night sleep. After you read our tips don’t delay putting them into practice. Try them tonight and you’ll have the sleep of a lifetime.

5 key tips to get a good night sleep.

Take advantage of natural lights.

Taking advantage of natural lights and avoiding unnatural lights before you you sleep is one of the best tips to get a good night sleep. When you wake up you should do everything you can to take advantage of the natural light. Melatonin is the hormone that is controlled by light exposure and this in turn controls how ‘sleepy’ or awake you feel. In the day expose yourself to as many natural light sources as possible. Get out into the sun early by having your morning coffee outdoors or even eat breakfast outside. Also if you’re working in an office just let that natural sunshine in, have windows and curtains open even the fresh air will do you good! These will all cause you to feel more awake during the day and will remove the need for unnecessary naps when you get home which will disrupt your natural sleeping habits.

tips to get a good night sleep

Exposing yourself to natural sunlight is a great way to kickstart your day.

It’s equally important to avoid any unnatural light before you go to bed. If possible avoid any electrical devices two hours before you go to bed. The blue light emitted is really damaging to you and can cause headaches and strain your eyes which would disrupt anyone’s sleeping pattern. Again, if it’s possible try making your bedroom an electrical device free zone. Not only will this remove the temptation to be prone to unnatural light but you will begin to associate your bedroom with nothing but the idea of sleep.

Exercise right.

Exercising really does help you get a great night’s sleep but only if you do it at the right times. Exercising in the morning or a quick session during the lunch hours is fantastic, but excercise too close to your bedtime and you’ll actually experience trouble sleeping. The average person takes about three hours for their bodily functions to return to normal after a normal exercise routine. So plan when you exercise carefully and remember to alter the routine to what you’re capable of. A vigourous routine will be extremely beneficial but so will a brisk ten minute walk. Choose what suites you!

tips to get a good night sleep

Exercising at the right times is very important.

Mind what you eat.

Everyone always brings up healthy eating as an important aspect behind a good night’s sleep and everyone should, because it’s so important! Rule number one, avoid caffeine at times close to when you go to bed. This is an obvious tip as everyone knows the effects caffeine has on your body and how easily it can disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Have your dinner nice and early, avoiding heavy foods within two hours of your bed time. Heavy foods have a tendency to sit in your stomach which can make you extremely uncomfortable. What’s even worse than heavy food? Spicy food! try steer clear of any spicy or acidic foods at night. These can cause heartburn and we all know how badly that can affect our chances of a good night sleep.

best tips to get a good night sleep

Eating at the right times is just as important as eating right.


Last but not least, please watch what you drink! Alcohol or any excess of fluids can disrupt you throughout the night as you may be frequenting the bathroom on more than one occasion. Worth a mention is that drinks with a lot of caffeine will only make these bathroom trips more frequent.

Come up with some bedtime rituals.

If you have any rituals you do before you go to bed that’s great! If you don’t you can easily get into some very relaxing habits that will benefit you greatly. We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of routines you can easily get into.

Prepare for the next day. Knowing you have things sorted for you the next morning will really benefit you. Simple things like having your breakfast prepared or your clothes laid out will allow you to relax that bit easier at night.

Listen to some relaxing music. This pretty much explains itself. If you surround yourself with relaxing sounds you will put your mind into a more relaxed state making it much easier to have a peaceful sleep.

If you have an hour or so before bedtime you should try wind down with your favoured hobby. Read a book or play a game, whatever you prefer. This will give you the feeling of satisfaction before you sleep which will automatically put you in a good mood.

Finally we suggest taking a warm bath. Make sure the temperature is warm and this will automatically calm your body down after a busy or hectic day.

best tips for a good night sleep.

A nice warm bath can put you in the right mindset for a good night sleep.

Can’t sleep? Try something else.

Last on our list of tips to get a good night sleep is basically trying something else. If you can’t sleep and you’re having one too many jolts during the night get up and go into another room. Our minds will associate the room with us being unable to achieve something, in this case sleep. If you leave the room for half an hour and try do something else like read a book or a magazine (by a dim light) then your mind will forget what happened in the previous room, couple this with the fact you will be a lot more relaxed after you have a light read (or partake in a hobby of your choice).

best tips for a good night sleep.

Just try something else if you can’t sleep just yet.

So there you have it! Our five favourite tips to get a good night sleep. Have you got anymore? let us know in the comments and help another person have a great sleep.