Understanding the bio-electrical field of the MOJO

After what I have experienced with the band today I am totally interested. When (not if) Sarah gets positive results with her horse, she will want to be able to sell directly to her clients as well.  For what it is worth my understanding of the holographic technology is a follows. Our bio-electrical (vibrational) field is patterns of light/energy. Our thoughts, emotional states conscious and unconscious are all patterns within this field. Our manifest existence is a continual flow of energy from the quantum level(enlightened) of ourselves to solid reality and back again. However this optimal free flow of information, ideas, awareness (essentially, the manifest reality that is our life) is blocked by dissonant patterns (fear, aggression, confusion) both conscious and unconscious. Hence we are unhappy, and suffer. The Mojo creates a static benign pattern in our field that allows a much improved flow to take place from the quantum level to the physical and back again. As such, you could accurately describe it as a 3D portal. I do believe that this will prove to be a reasonably accurate model of understanding of what is actually happening.

This is a short piece that explains one way of looking at the workings of the MOJO.  You ingest nothing whilst wearing the MOJO….it is allowing your body to heal itself and restore its equilibrium.