Rainy Day Ideas


New recipes can be too stressful, you don’t wanna mess one up on a weekday when you’re pressed for time, and on weekends you might be out and about, so why not use this time inside to try out some new dishes. Even making mini versions of them to try them out can mean after just a little while you can have a few new recipes for next week.


Not just hoover and mop, think of the spots in your house that haven’t been touched in a while. Dust some shelves, clean behind bookcases and wardrobes, wipe down underneath beds, all the awkward stuff that you wouldn’t do on a regular day, get it out of the way.


While you’re cleaning, you might as well do the most satisfying housework of all, throwing out what you don’t need. Aside from some sentimental stuff, look around your house and think, “do I actually use this at all?” If not, get rid of it. It’s good for space and mentally refreshing.

Discover New Workouts

If you have equipment at home, go for it, but you also might take the time to develop new exercises you can do when you’re stuck inside. Bicycle on your back, yoga, squats, anything that might not be considered in the gym, take this opportunity to get comfortable with them.


People often feel pressured to be doing something, but doing not very much at all for a little while shouldn’t be frowned upon. Read a book, play a video game, watch a new TV series, or just take some time to stare out the rainy window and relax.